About Us- Back to our roots!

My name is Teressa, I am the owner and creative force behind Studio Have. I work, live, and play in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley. I am a wife & mother of five and 2020 brought my first grandson. I'm pretty sure I'm not old enough to be this old!! 

I have lived several different lifetimes with many different paths. From a young stay at home mom to an entrepreneur, to senior sales in the business to business corporate landscape. I earned my BS in Biology thinking that one day I would use it to create a Midwifery and Doula practice. Years later I was still clawing up the corporate ladder losing the person I was supposed to be. 

Sometimes the downward spiral is slow enough you don't feel the fall. You forget the things that once inspired creativity and joy. You forget how the sunshine on your bare skin is like a kiss from God and the moonlight in your face is a gentle brush from the Goddess. You ignore your connection with the earth and stop breathing as one with the world around you. Knowing the Universe and you are one and that we are made from the same particles found in dandelions and in stardust. 

As they sometimes do the stars aligned. Somehow the crazy world in 2018 presented me with a Cosmic "do-over". I realized now more than ever I need to get back to my roots. So here we are!

We hope you are able to find the perfect piece here for either your personal collection or a beloved gift to a friend. Come on in and stay a while!